Sunday, September 17, 2006


Ok, so I have the greatest wife. Why do you ask? Well many of you remember a prior post about a certain bass that was being made for a certain person (me).

This weekend 9 months of hard sweat and labor by Devon, culminated with me picking up this amazing piece of art work.

If you are wondering, Alana is gaelic for "beautiful, offering".

First she is beautiful. I’ve included pictures. The craftsmanship is only top notch. Much more that I even expected, some details I do not even understand.

The core of the body is made of swamp ash, and the face cover and the back cover of Koa. Koa is the most beautiful of woods, I am really proud of it. The swamp ash gives a great warm sound. The neck is composed of walnut with maple veneer between each piece. It is also a neck through, providing better sound and a cool look. The design of the neck essentially gives each sting it own individual neck.

I love the pickups. Double hum bucker Bartolinis. The full hum bucking opposed to the single coils gives her an amazing sound.

The sound by the way is the best part. I have never heard a better fretless. This baby wails, and she sounds so good doing it. I actually had a dream about her a few days before I picked her up and the sound in real life was even better than in my dream.

I love you Michelle and I thank you for this wonderful gift.

Does anyone want to jam?


Mike Rohde said...

Wooo hoo! This bass looks awesome Joe. I'm still surprised Devon doesn;t go into business full time making these beauties.


timmer k. said...

:wipes drool from chin:

:raises hand to answer question about jamming:

:wipes more drool from chin:

:makes note to self about what to ask his wife for Christmas:

:gives in and ties a hanky around his neck:

:wipes excess drool the hanky didn't catch:

That's approximately what happened when I read this blog entry.

Ten points for Michelle's team. Have her call my wife some time :)

Joe said...

Tim, I have to agree that my wife is amazing. I am confident a Koa guitar lies ahead in your future. For now you can keep drooling, and if you want come over and jam.

Anonymous said...

I am going to have to a buy a drum set now just so I can jam with you and this beauty...


Shazia said...

Hi - I know Michelle from work and have been following both of your adventures... It's beautiful!! I just started playing bass (so I have a crap Epiphone), but I hope to be good enough one day to justify a beauty like that. Rock on!


Anonymous said...

Joe - its Jess. Can you email me with your email? And Michelle's? My email is the same as in college - look me up on the U of M website. The reward? I will send you the pics from Aaron's wedding.

David said...

Joe, what a beauty. I love just reading your raving about it. I don't understand much of what you said, but I don't have to. I love to see you so excited.

David Haase