Friday, February 10, 2006


Many of you I am sure have kept up with the news this past week and the recent developments in the escalating clash of worldviews occurring between the West and Islam. I have had some helpful conversations on this issue and some very discouraging ones as well.

Essentially, this is a clash of two worldviews at the most fundamental levels of their value structures. In the west, liberty (freedom of speech) is the most valued possession, and something I beleive will still they would go to war over. In Islam it is honor, particularly the honor of Allah and the prophet - tihs is what they live and die for. Both sides are evaluating the issue from their own value structures. No one will win here. They both want their values to be adopted and accepted by the other side, but this is impossible. This is of course a complex situation rooted deep in history, but is either side ‘right’ here? This may seem like moral ambiguity, but I think there is an another way, a better way.

So what is the Christian do here, what is the church’s response? I have been bothered by the immediate weight American Christians simply put in the Western worldview. Is there a higher value here then liberty or honor that we need to adorn in this growing season of turbulence? As Christians our national allegiance is to the Kingdom of God (I am curious to know how Iranian Christians view this situation). In no way do I condone the rioting and the burning of embassies, but neither do I condone the blatant disrespect from the West.

I have some thoughts on how the church should respond here, but I am curious to know what others are thinking. Maybe I am wrong, maybe the church should choose a side, maybe someone is right. How ought we to live here, we must we say - because I know we should not remain silent?

Tuesday, February 07, 2006

remodeling, mothers, thoughts, and a fretless bass

It has been a long time since my last post, long long time. If any of you were wondering I am not dead, just been quite busy.

Since my last post, we basically finished up our house projects, a little paint and some hemmed drapes and I think we will be done for a little while, the place looks really nice though.

Michelle’s mother moved in with us in the process, and was a huge help to getting the house done for the holidays. Time has also caught up to me, and Michelle presented me with a certificate to have a fretless bass built according to my own specifications for my 25th b-day. Devon Smullen previously built me a bass, which many of you know is sacred in my life. Isabel’s (that’s my bass’s name) sister should be complete early fall. (The picutre to the right is just a picture I found of a koa bass, mine will be even cooler)

She will be quite beautiful: a swamp ash body for a nice warm and full sound, with a koa top for a truly beautiful look. A 5 piece neck through (koa and maple) with an ebony finger board. Twin batrolini music man pickups, ABM individual string bridges, and hipshot tuners.

You have no idea how touched I was, and Michelle has been working on this for years, and was in tears as she presented a piece of koa wood to me.

So that this big news on my part, anyone want to start a band?

I have been working through a lot of thoughts, particularly on inerrency and more thoughts on the nature of salvation. I will be posting soon.