Friday, June 09, 2006

China, Here We Come

So the day has finally arrived. Tomorrow morning at 9:15 Michelle and I are boarding a plane for Chicago. From Chicago we will fly direct to Shanghai. We will spend the rest of June in Shanghai, and then a week in Beijing, and the rest of the summer in Hong Kong. I will head home in August, and then begin my new position as Pastor of Family Ministries as Southbrook Church.

A lot of people I deeply respect have been asking me what I am going to do, and what I expect during the time in China. Truthfully I am not entirely sure what to expect. Michelle will be really busy. Asians work crazy hours. I have very little responsibility while in Asia. My days will be free to sightsee, read, reflect, and well rest. So as far as day to day activities go, I have no real expectations.

However, I do have an expectation for the summer. This is a tremendous opportunity for spiritual formation. I will be out of my comfort zone it just about every way. No home, different food. For the first time in my life I will be a minority. It will be quite an experience. So I have a backpacking guitar on load from Brandon, and a stack of books, which I fear will not be enough to get me through. I also hope to read some on Chinese history and also the all important Chinese cooking.

If you are coming to China or want to, drop us a line. I will have plenty of time to show you around.

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