Tuesday, February 07, 2006

remodeling, mothers, thoughts, and a fretless bass

It has been a long time since my last post, long long time. If any of you were wondering I am not dead, just been quite busy.

Since my last post, we basically finished up our house projects, a little paint and some hemmed drapes and I think we will be done for a little while, the place looks really nice though.

Michelle’s mother moved in with us in the process, and was a huge help to getting the house done for the holidays. Time has also caught up to me, and Michelle presented me with a certificate to have a fretless bass built according to my own specifications for my 25th b-day. Devon Smullen previously built me a bass, which many of you know is sacred in my life. Isabel’s (that’s my bass’s name) sister should be complete early fall. (The picutre to the right is just a picture I found of a koa bass, mine will be even cooler)

She will be quite beautiful: a swamp ash body for a nice warm and full sound, with a koa top for a truly beautiful look. A 5 piece neck through (koa and maple) with an ebony finger board. Twin batrolini music man pickups, ABM individual string bridges, and hipshot tuners.

You have no idea how touched I was, and Michelle has been working on this for years, and was in tears as she presented a piece of koa wood to me.

So that this big news on my part, anyone want to start a band?

I have been working through a lot of thoughts, particularly on inerrency and more thoughts on the nature of salvation. I will be posting soon.


timmer k. said...

Need a guitar player? I have NOTHING BETTER TO DO. On a related note, I don't suppose there's any chance Michelle has a certificate laying around for a Koa Taylor? No? Well, it was worth asking. Seriously--I couldn't be happier about the addition to your family (bass that is, not mother in law...though I'm sure that'll be a blessing too). I'm sure she'll make you proud.

I miss you, Joe. Miss ya lots. Post more often--keep us all in the loop.

Joe said...


I do need a guitar player, at this point I would take a chimp with a triangle. Thats not a bad idea.

As far as the koa taylor - no. Sorry Tim, but maybe when your wife is supporting you on her lawyer salary something will come through.

So then it is agreed you will move to Milwaukee and we will once again make beautiful music together.

timmer k. said...

I need to see a contract and have my attorney...I mean wife...I mean attorney look it over. And it had better be good. After all, me and Latrell Spreewell, have to feed our families :)

The Chad said...

Need a vocalist? :P

better yet..a truck to haul the gear in? I could be your roadie :P

young joel said...

We both know i've got dibbs on the band thing. screw off tim. You may be better at guitar than I am, but joe is mine.

Joe - I look forward to your thoughts on inerrancy. Hopefully we'll disagree.