Friday, October 07, 2005


I love U2. I am sitting here alone, it is late and I cannot really sleep. I listen to U2 and my soul is comforted. They always have that effect. You should listen to them. “Running to Stand Still” has a particularly strong effect on me; as does “Whose Gonna Ride Your Wild Horses”.

I meet this band late in life. I think I bought my first CD at the age of 18. And it has been a slow process of failing more and more in love with them.

U2 presents a messy spirituality. Following Christ is not easy, and does not always make a lot of sense. These guys are really honest about that, and I find that comforting. Their lyrics have just a sense of truth accompany them.

Aside from that they are really trying to make a difference in the world. Championing the cause of the widows and orphans in the world, and that is pretty sweet. The songs reflect the values of God’s kingdom, peace, justice, faith, hope, love, and worship.

I could say a lot more, but I think they are sweet. They’ve got some awesome skills.


Lea said...

Great post!

tory dolan said...

JP, I'd have to STRONGLY agree on this one. U2 is on of my all-time favorite bands. They're so great. I too came to enjoy them late in life (I was a junior in high school). My brother was a huge fan of them when I was little. In keeping with brother/sister etiquette when you're that age, I was determined to hate them (simply because he liked them). My first album was Rattle and Hum, shortly followed by War and Boy. Oddly, I didn't get Joshua Tree until a bit later. But I have to say, I still think my favorite album of theirs is Achtung Baby, though their most recent one is pretty stellar.

Thanks for the great tribute to them though!
You rock JP.