Thursday, August 18, 2005

Lesson on Redemption from Hardwood floors part 1

I started work on refinishing my hardwood floors recently. (Maybe this was not the best idea with school starting next week, but all in all an adventure.) As Michelle and I ripped out the nasty cream carpet we discovered a true wasteland of what was once a beautiful hardwood floor. The bedrooms were the worst, sun damaged, covered and I mean covered in paint, but not beyond repair. As we sat talking, pulling up staples and nails, a thought dawned on me. Years of negelct and abuse brought the floors to this point, and now we get to make them better. We have the privellage of redeeming them back to their oringal beauty.

I am really proud to own the house we do. I thought wow, we are redeeming these floors; more than that we are redeeming the house. I sat thinking for a moment about the various families and stories that have occurred in our old home before we were there. You see the previous owners really went the house go to the wayside. Not the greatest family situation. Now we are here making this house and hopefully this neighborhood a better place.

As I yanked nails out of the wood, I thought about the process that God takes us through in redemption. It is not always pleasant, but it is always worth it. So, I am learning a lot about home repair, and the nature of God, and how He redeems us.

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